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OceanEye is composed by six young people with higher education, mainly in areas related to the oceanic, and long experience in marine tourism sector. Our team, consists of four Marine Biologists, is prepared to promote recreational/educational trips that will offer our clients an insight into the Azorean marine biodiversity.

Irma Cascão

South African, fell in love with the Azores. Marine Biologist dedicated to the ecology and bioacoustics of cetaceans, began her career as a researcher in the Sado estuary (Portugal). Scientific shipments and working as a whale watching guide, Irma became an experienced mariner.

Alexandra Rosa

Natural from Faial (Azores), she is passionate by the fusion of blues and greens exhibited by the sea and the Azorean island. Marine Biologist and expert on wildlife resources (fisheries), has a good knowledge about marine biodiversity in the Azores.

Pedro Rosa

Azorean sailor since he was 9 years old, Pedro always looked at the sea differently. After graduating as a Technician of Maritimes Transports, he worked on marine tourism and research vessels (Department of Oceanography and Fisheries, University of the Azores – DOP / UAç), where he expanded his knowledge of the ocean. Currently, Pedro performs functions as a mariner and captain of the local marine traffic.

Rui Guedes

Born in Faial, Rui has dedicated to the marine tourism sector since 1998. He graduated in Marine Biology and Fisheries and collaborated on several research projects in DOP/UAç strengthening his vast experience on the marine nature of the Azores. Ocean Skipper and Professional Diver is a connoisseur of the Azorean ocean.

Ana Pereira

Passionate about her island and its traditions, Ana frequently perform regattas with whaling boats. As a native of Faial (“Praia do Norte”), known’s the island as nobody thus can indicate a diversity of unique places to visit. Request her for advice on some typical foods of the island.

Marco Aurélio

Born in “Nazaré” (Portugal), his passion for the ocean began at an early age. Marco graduated in Marine Biology and worked over a decade on sea turtles as part of the Marine Turtle Specialist Group of IUCN. Enthusiast for diving and underwater photography, he is very familiar to various secrets hidden in the underwater world.

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