A new Look over the Azores Nature
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Our trip duration, in the coastal areas of Faial and Pico, is approximately 1h30m to 1h45min. We intend that the tours are recreational/educational highlighting the biological and conservation of the marine biodiversity, as well as several geological characteristics of our region. During the trip you can observe in their natural habitat several species including parrotfish, damselfish, moray, atlantic bonito, yellowmouth barracuda, guelly jack, greater amberjack, starfish, sea urchins and more.

Special trips

We offer the opportunity to rent our boat to fulfil special trips, such as festive gatherings and events, or simply to do alternative tours for instance a trip around the island. If you’re looking to do something different and totally personalized, contact us.

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Materiais educativos para eventos sobre ano internacional das florestas 2011