A new Look over the Azores Nature
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Practical information


_ We highly recommend comfortable and practical clothing and footwear, according to the season. It’s always a good idea to bring a waterproof jacket.

_ Before the trip we recommend that you apply sunscreen, especially on children.

_ We advise you to bring water, especially if accompanied with children. And in this case you may also bring something light to eat, like some biscuits.


_ Follow the instructions given by the crew (skipper or marine biologists).

_ Circulation in the boat is only allowed when the boat is immobile or navigating slowly, otherwise you should only leave your place when the crew tells you to do so.

_ If you need to use the sanitary facilities, you should inform the crew in order to reduce the speed of the boat.

_ The use of life jackets is not obligatory, however if you feel uncomfortable do not hesitate to ask for a life jacket.

_ Before the trip, you will be given some indication of security (for instance the location of life jackets).

_ Trips will only take place in sea conditions that provides safety, and under no occasion this principle will be challenged. This decision is taken by the skipper of the boat.

How to get here

TAP Airline – http://www.flytap.com

SATA International Airline – http://www.sata.pt

Travelling between islands (maritime)

Transportes Marítimos Açorianos – http://www.transmacor.pt

Atlanticoline – http://www.atlanticoline.pt

Where to stay

Residencial São Francisco (Horta, Faial) – http://www.residencialsfrancisco.com

Fonte do Rego (Feteira, Faial) – http://www.azores-nature.com

Casas do Capelo (Varadouro, Faial) – http://www.casasdocapelo.com

Casas da Fajã (Fajã, Faial) – http://casasdafaja.com

Casas D’Arramada (Cedros, Faial) – http://www.ruralturazores.com

Jeirões Apartamentos Turísticos (Madalena, Pico) – http://www.jeiroesapartamentos.com

Quinta Ribeira da Urze (São Roque, Pico) – http://ribeiradaurze.no.sapo.pt/index.htm


Windguru (Faial) – http://www.windguru.cz/int/index.php?sc=10606

Passage Weather – http://www.passageweather.com

Centro de Clima e Meteorologia da Universidade dos Açores (Climaat) – http://www.climaat.angra.uac.pt

Tourism in the Azores

Destinazores – http://www.destinazores.com/pt/index.php

Portal Turismo Açores – http://www.visit-azores.com/index.php?lang=pt

Associação Regional de Turismo dos Açores (ART) – http://pt.artazores.com

Marine Biodiversity of the Azores

Departamento de Oceanografia e Pescas – http://www.horta.uac.pt/intradop

Centro Visual de Interpretação Marinha – http://www.cimvazores.info

SIARAM – http://siaram.azores.gov.pt/intro.html

Portal da biodiversidade – http://www.azoresbioportal.angra.uac.pt

Espécies de Peixes dos Açores – http://www.horta.uac.pt/projectos/cepropesca/index.htm

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